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                            Home of some the best Authentic Pitbull Redboy/Jocko dogs of modern times. The strand of Redboy Jocko we chose as our own come directly from Tant's Yellow through his son's Tant's Red Devil Waccamaw's Big JohnTant's Aaa, Mayday & Burn's Stumpy plus. We have Sami The Arab's Boomer blood as well as a touch of Gainey's J.r., Rast & Mcneil's Argo you will also find Cooper's Amboss strand of Bolio blood among a few of our dogs. Another bloodline we keep amongst our stock is Jeep blood coming though Tramp & his son Thunder as well as Floyd! We are preserving the original bloodlines of the American Pitbull Terrier for many generations to come. Our dogs are from the original game bred bloodlines of the American Pitbull Terrier; However we do not condone dog fighting or animal cruelty whatsoever and no dog purchased from Ready Red Kennels is sold for anything illegal. When a dog is purchased from us you agree to use the dog for Hog hunting, family pet, weight pull, or confirmation shows only. We love our dogs dearly and will not put them at harms way in the hands of an idiot. These dogs deserve a good home and plenty of love. If you cannot agree that the loyalty that these dogs embody for their owner is second to none, & for that alone they deserve the most care then simply don't buy a dog from us. On another note majority of our customers are pleased with the dogs we have sold. We are committed to continuously breed dogs of great families that carry sound attitudes, abilities & confirmation. Thanks for visiting the site!

"In a world void of Loyalty, these dogs have conquered the very essence of the word"

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