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1: Do you sell puppies? I don't post them on this website and 3 different social media platforms for my health.

2: How old are the pups? I post thier date of birth at the lower end of each description on the puppies tab.

3: When will they be ready to go? Count 6 weeks after their date of birth on the puppies tab!

4: Are they registered? Yes all dogs come with Adba registration which is the premier registry for Authentic Pitbulls as of now!

5: Are your puppies active? I spend a lot of time posting videos/pictures etc sent to me from customers (not just my own) showing how active their pup is!

6: Do you ship? How else do i get dogs from the south all the way up to the upper East Coast or Northern West Coast?

7: What is your deposit? Unlike many others our deposit is low ($300) but the rest is due when the pup is ready to go at 6 wks old!

8: How much are your pups? $1k & up depending on the litter (as of 01/05/20).

9: What is your first pick? First pick is the first pick of the litter male and female picked by the breeder or by the buyer which is always $200 more than normal price.

10: Is the Deposits or Payments refundable? No but it can be transferred to another litter if you communicate with us no more than 2 wks after the pup is ready to go that for whatever reason you will have to postpone getting  your pup.

11. Can you send me a picture? No the picture will be posted on this website or in motion courtesy of a youtube video. Exception to the rule is if you have already sent a deposit or more for the pup then I will take a photo for you at our earliest convenience upon request.

12. What breedings will you have in 3 months? Visit the Breedings Tab of this website in 3 months for your answer.

13. How many pups did she drop? I like to keep things at a need to know basis especially if you are only buying one pup.

14. Will you let me know when the pups drop? If a deposit is placed prior to the pups dropping I will notify all deposit holders for that specific litter (as always) but do not call after you were told the pups dropped to waste my time just to ask how many pups did she drop if you are only buying one pup.

FYI: For tips, for secret puppies, for secret breedings, secret dogs, for questions, video request, pedigree break downs, etc etc Do NOT CALL with no intensions on doing business or wasting my and your time. Simply subscribe to www.onlyfans.com/Readyredkennels